Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions State of Brazil Year Description
Prêmio Recall das Marcas PE 2021 1st place in the health plan category for the seventh consecutive year in a survey conducted by Jornal do Commercio – PE in 2021.
Excelência da Saúde 2021 National 2021 The institution was nominated for market research, successful case studies and by the editorial board of Grupo Mídia publications and was selected to receive the honor: Hapvida is one of the winning institutions of the 2021 Health Excellence award, in the Business Group category.
TOP NATAL RN 2021 Tribuna do Norte (daily newspaper) congratulates Hapvida for its 1st place in the Health Plan segment, with 55% of the votes.
Institutional Investor National 2021 Hapvida received several awards from Institutional Investor, which is the most respected ranking in the world’s capital markets. Annually, Institutional Investor ranks the best Investor Relations (IR) executives and programs, with a vote carried out entirely by research analysts (sell side) and investors (buy side).
We were awarded first place in several categories, including:
Best IR CEO – Jorge Pinheiro, Best IR Professional – Guilherme Nahuz, Best IR Program and Team – IR Program, among others.
Grupo Gestão RH National 2021 Our CEO, Dr. Jorge Pinheiro and our VP for Governance, People and Sustainability, Majô Campos, were among the 10 most admired executives in Brazil and Latin America in 2021, winning the “CEOs 10+” and “RHs 10+” awards.
CONAREC 2021 SP 2021 Jaqueline Sena, Executive Director of Dentistry, received the 8th CONAREC Award, in the category of best professional in the Brazilian Relationship sector, in the Health category.
Prêmio Health-IT SP 2021 Our IT Director, David Zanotelli, won the 2021 Health-IT Award in the Health Technology Outstanding Professional category.
Honraria ADVB National 2021 ADVB – Association of Sales and Marketing Managers of Brazil awarded the title of Sales Personality of the Year 2020 to Candido Júnior, commercial and relationship vice president of the Hapvida System.
Marcas que eu Gosto – Plano de Saúde PE 2021 Preferred brand of Pernambuco citizens in the health plan category for the eighth consecutive time in 2021. Survey conducted by Folha de Pernambuco newspaper
Marcas que eu Gosto – Hospital Particular PE 2021 For the 2nd consecutive year, Hospital Ilha do Leite was the preferred hospital of Pernambucanos in 2021.
100 Mais Influentes da Saúde da Década SP 2021 Dr Jorge Pinheiro, Executive President of the Hapvida System, received the “100 Most Influentials of Health” award – special edition of the decade. Considered the Oscar da Saúde, the event is organized by Grupo Mídia.
Mais admirados – Área Financeira National 2021 The Vice President of Finance and Investor Relations, Maurício Teixeira was elected among the 10 Most Admired Executives in the Financial area.
Top of mind – Anuário do Ceará CE 2020 The Hapvida health plan won 2nd place as the most remembered health plan in Ceará. In the hospital category, Hospital Antonio Prudente was in 4th place.
Prêmio CONAREC 2020 SP 2020 Our executive Rejane Abreu, National Superintendent of Customer Service and Customer Experience, as the best Professional in the Relationship Sector in Brazil in the Health category.
Prêmio Excelência da Saúde 2020 SP 2020 Hospital São Francisco – Hapvida was among the 39 winners of the unprecedented edition, with an evaluation of cases carried out over the last 10 years.
PMI CE 2020 The Project Management Institute (Ceará) awarded Hapvida for best PMO-CE and best PMO-CE manager of 2019.
Top of Mind AM 2020 Most remembered brand by consumers in Manaus. Research done by the company “Perspectiva Mercado e Opinião”.
Whow! Innovation Award SP 2020 Hapvida was recognize as the most innovative company in the Insurance and Health Insurance segment for producing the most relevant and value-adding innovation in its area of operation.
Marcas que eu Gosto PE 2020 1st place in the health insurance category for the seventh consecutive year in a survey conducted by “Jornal do Commercio – PE”.
Top of Mind AM 2019 Health plan most remembered by consumers in Manaus. Research done by digital agency “iMarketing”.
Prêmio ISS Recife PE 2019 Awarded as one of the companies that contributed most to the Service Tax in 2019.
Marcas que eu Gosto PE 2019 Favorite brand of Pernambucanos citizenship in the health insurance category for the sixth consecutive time in 2019.
Prêmio Recall das Marcas PE 2019 1st place in the health insurance category for the sixth consecutive year in a survey conducted by “Jornal do Commercio – PE” in 2019.
Top Mossoró RN 2019 Most remembered health plan of Mossoró for three consecutive times in 2019. Survey by “Revista Top Mossoró”.
Prêmio CONAREC 2019 SP 2019 Award in the Health Insurance category, being considered the company in the segment that most values ​​the quality customer service in all channels.
Prêmios Grandes Marcas TV Atalaia SE 2018 1st place in health segment (health insurance category) for the third consecutive year in 2018. Research carried out by “Jornal Diário de Pernambuco”.
Prêmios Marcas Preferidas PE 2018 Most remembered brand in 2018.
Prêmio Amazonense de Propaganda e Marketing AM 2018 Amazonense Advertising and Marketing Award – 1st place as best health insurance category provided by “Action Pesquisa de Mercado”.
Prêmios Melhores de 2018 PA 2018 Winner in the Health Plan category, an award conducted by “Revista Negócios e Destaques”.
Prêmio Grandes Marcas CE 2017 1st place as Ceará’s favorite brand in health insurance segment. Survey conducted by “Jornal Diário do Nordeste” in 2017.
Maiores e Melhores de Belém PA 2017 1st place in health category. Survey conducted by “Revista Bacana” in 2017.
Prêmio ISS Recife PE 2017 Awarded as one of the companies that contributed most to the Service Tax in 2017.
Top of Mind RN 2017 Private Hospital most remembered by Potiguas citizenship for the second consecutive time in 2017. Survey conducted by “Pesquisa Foco Nordeste”.
Benchmarketing Saúde Bahia 2017 – Hospital SEMED BA 2017 SEMED Hospital is recognized by Revista Diagnóstico in 2017.
100 mais influentes SP 2017 Hapvida recognized in the business category held by Grupo Mídia in 2017.
Segurador Brasil SP 2017 Company recognized by the Entrepreneur Brazil category conducted by “Revista Segurador Brasil” in 2017.
Last updated at April 7, 2022.