Corporate Profile and Healthcare Industry

Corporate profile

Hapvida Participações e Investimentos S.A. (the “Company”) is a holding company organized as a corporation with registered offices at Av. Heráclito Graça, 406 in the city of Fortaleza, state of Ceará, Brazil.

The Company obtained the registration as a publicly-held company on April 20, 2018 and started trading its shares in the Novo Mercado (New Market) special segment at [B]3 – Brasil Bolsa Balcão, on April 25, 2018, under ticker HAPV3.

Founded in 1979 initialy as a clinic, the Company’s core activities are: (i) the sale of health insurance plans being also responsible for the majority of medical assistance at its own network (hospitals, clinics, imaging diagnostics and laboratories); and (ii) the sale of dental insurance plans with the services provided by accredited network.

Healthcare industry

We operate in the supplementary health sector and our strategy is focused on a vertical service structure, pursuant to which we provide services to beneficiaries primarily at our own service network. With this structure in mind, our purpose is to provide quality health care and dental services at a low cost, under one operating segment, whose operating and financial results are regularly reviewed by our board of directors on an aggregate basis. Our board of directors makes decisions based on this review.

Our organizational structure includes hospitals, walk-in emergencies, clinics and other service units that meet the demand of our beneficiaries that purchase the products sold by our health care plan operator under a vertical business model, and whose final objective is to maximize the generation of consolidated value (operator and service units) for our shareholders and to provide quality services to our beneficiaries in general.

We operate through two types of products: (i) Medical Assistance Plans; and (ii) Plans of Dental Care, spread geographically.

Health Care Plans

Our health care plans in the individual/family and corporate categories are sold in all states of the Northeast region and in the states of Amazonas and Pará in the North region of Brazil. We prefer to sell our health care service in cities in which we have our own service network.

We have three types of health care plan products:

  • Nosso Plano: Nosso Plano is the bestselling product among our health care plans. It provides access to an exclusive service network with 25 hospitals, 74 medical units, 17 emergency units, 72 diagnostic imaging units and 67 collection units. Clients of Nosso Plano may choose between the sick bay and room categories. The sick bay consists of a room with two beds, duly equipped to allow beneficiaries to share during their stay. Under the room category, beneficiaries are entitled to an exclusive room for their treatment, as applicable;
  • Mix: our Mix line provides access to our exclusive service network, as described above, and limited access to our accredited network. Our accredited network consists of 1,479 accredited entities, of which 96 are hospitals, 417 are doctors and 966 are clinics; and
  • Pleno: our Pleno line provides access to our exclusive service network and our accredited network, which is carefully selected to ensure quality services. This coverage provides beneficiaries with access to our entire accredited network.

Dental Plans

Our dental plans offer four types of products: Prevenção e Urgência, Misto, Pré-Pagamento and Além Rol. Prevenção e Urgência is our cheapest product, according to which only amounts related to prevention and emergencies procedures are billed to beneficiaries. Additional services may be provided to beneficiaries under the post-payment category, in which case they are directly paid to service providers. Misto is our bestselling dental product, which includes nationwide coverage for all procedures listed by ANS. Finally, Além Rol ensures superior coverage compared to what is required by ANS, including orthodontics, orthotic procedures and prostheses.

Last updated at December 20, 2021.