• 1979

    The company's history began in 1979 when the oncologist Candido Koren Pinheiro de Lima inaugurated the Antonio Prudente Clinic in the city of Fortaleza - CE. During the following years, the Company began to expand its activities in the state capital mainly with the expansion of such clinic, so that it became a hospital.

  • 1993

    In 1993, the Company began its activities as a supplementary health operator through Hapvida Assistência Médica. At the time, the constitution of the operator had as its main objective the generation of revenue for the Antonio Prudente Hospital.

  • 1996

    Beginning in 1996, shareholders made the strategic decision to separate the operator and hospital businesses, focusing on maximizing the value of both segments. In the following years, it was identified that this decision was not assertive, since the results of the business lines have negative correlation.

  • 1999

    The Company's first acquisition took place, with the purchase of a hospital in the state of Rio Grande do Norte, now known as Antônio Prudente de Natal Hospital.

  • 2000

    In this scenario, from the year 2000, the shareholders have taken a new strategic decision, in which the operator has become the main generator of revenue of this business model and hospitals have become a means of providing services to the beneficiaries of operator, at competitive costs.

    This year the Teresa de Lisieux Hospital, located in the state of Bahia, becomes part of the Company's operations.

  • 2004

    The model proved effective and, as of 2004, enabled the Company to accelerate the expansion of its activities. From this year on, the Company intensified the process of integration and verticalization of its activities, focusing its investments on its own service capacity. In addition, the Company has made acquisitions to expand its customer base and/or its own service network.

  • 2005

    This year happens the acquisition of São Lucas Hospital, in the state of Amazonas, and thus the Company starts operating in the northern region of the country.

  • 2007

    Inorganic growth begins to be part of the Company's routine with the purchase of Layr Maia Hospital, in the state of Pará.

  • 2008

    Between 2008 and 2010, the Company went through an important moment of expansion of its activities, including structuring the dental care service under the name Mais Odonto, and acquiring the Espinheiro and Ilha do Leite hospitals in the city of Recife (PE) and the portfolios of beneficiaries of the groups MMS PE and Santa Helena, which operated in the same state. The entire operation of the São Lucas group in the state of Alagoas and the company Santa Clara was also incorporated, still in Pernambuco, which had its own structure with 2 hospitals and 10 clinics, hospitals today called Capibaribe Hospital and Cabo Hospital.

  • 2011

    The year 2011 was marked by major acquisitions, such as Santa Saúde and Dental Vida, which mainly operated in the states of Ceará and Maranhão. The Vasco Lucena Hospital and the Santa Casa de Misericórdia da Bahia were also acquired. This year HAPVIDA Health becomes a nationally-owned Supplementary Healthcare operator through the sale of dental plans, which in 2013 was recognized by the Hapvida + Odonto brand.

  • 2012

    In 2012 and 2013 Hapvida continues to grow, three more acquisitions in the healthcare sector: Aldeota Hospital, Rio Mar Hospital and João Pessoa Hospital are part of the Company's portfolio.

  • 2014

    The Company made two acquisitions in the healthcare sector, Luís França Hospital in the state of Ceará and Fleming Hospital in the Amazonas. In addition, we inaugurated six more hospitals, four emergency units and ten clinics divided into seven states in the North and Northeast regions of the country. During this period, we also made significant investments in technology and innovation.

  • 2017

    The Company strengthens its service in the state of Bahia with the acquisition of another hospital in the city of Camaçari, the SEMED Hospital Also in 2017, the Company initiated a corporate restructuring of its 26 subsidiaries, in order to simplify its organizational structure and optimize the processes and controls necessary for business management, and adapt to new challenges of growth. The reorganization consisted of 3 stages of mergers, aiming at concentrating similar operating activities.

  • 2018

    The Company builds the hospital in Teresina, state of Piauí, which is the last capital of the Northeast States to establish us with our own network. Later this year, the Company will take its first step towards our operation in health care plans outside the North and Northeast, with the beginning of construction of the Joinville General hospital in the state of Santa Catarina. Also in 2018 Hapvida buys two beneficiary portfolios, Free Life in Ceará and Uniplam in Piauí, both with 25,000 beneficiaries each.

    And on December 18, 2018, the Company won its newest corporate headquarters, located at Rua Dona Leopoldina, 1150 - Centro, in Fortaleza, state of Ceará. The new headquarters was more than a new address, it was a change prompted by the need for back office synergy to support the Company's expansion strategy.

    In addition to the events mentioned above, the year 2018 was transformational for the company, the company went public in April of the same year, in an operation that moved R$ 3.43 billion, being considered the largest IPO in the history of supplementary health of Brazil.

  • 2019

    This has been an intense and transformational year for the Company.

    In April our operation in Joinville (Santa Catarina), which inaugurated our entry into the southern region of Brazil, is already in full swing, with a fully vertical care structure consisting of a high complexity general hospital, two clinics and two diagnostic units.

    In May, we announced the acquisition of Grupo São Francisco, one of the leading companies in the health insurance sector in Brazil, with a verticalized business model and high operating performance, with the regulatory approval process completed in October and the closing of the operation on November 1st. Also in May, we announced the acquisition of the Hospital das Clínicas e Fraturas do Cariri in Juazeiro do Norte, Ceará state, aiming at expanding the Company's area of operation in the Northeast.

    In June, we announced the purchase of Grupo América, in the metropolitan region of Goiânia (Goiás), with a structure to provide hospital services, clinical analysis and diagnostic imaging with the regulatory approval process completed in November and the closing of the operation on December 2nd. Following in July, we announced the acquisition of the operator RN Saúde, headquartered in the city of Uberaba (Minas Gerais), in the region of Triangulo Mineiro.

    In July, we concluded our first issuance of debentures, in the amount of R$ 2.0 billion, in two series with maturities of five and seven years, contributing to a better capital structure for the Company. We obtained the maximum investment grade (AAA) from the rating agency Fitch Ratings, confirming the soundness of Hapvida. Also in July, we successfully completed the follow-on offering of R$ 2.6 billion.

    In August, we launched the Maida Health brand, the Hapvida System's healthtech. It is born as a result of the merger between Haptech (our technology arm) and Infoway (specialist in the development of health insurance management systems), and reinforces the Company's focus on health management innovation.

    In November, we acquired the Paraupebas Hospital headquartered in Serra dos Carajás, in the state of Pará.

    In December, the Company made two acquisitions: Medical, headquartered in Limeira, in the state of São Paulo, with a high degree of verticalization in hospital admissions made in a highly complex own hospital, and Plamed, headquartered in Aracaju, in the state of Sergipe. This acquisitions still pending regulatory approvals.

  • 2020

    The Company started the year with the closing of the operation of RN Saúde.

    In June, we started our operations in Brasília. Initially with the accredited network.

    In July, we announced the acquisition of Grupo São José. Founded in 1965, Grupo São José is one of the main private healthcare players in the Vale do Paraíba region, in the state of São Paulo. Headquartered in São José dos Campos, 90 km (56 miles) from the city of São Paulo, it has a portfolio of approximately 51,000 health plan beneficiaries (consolidated average ticket of R$241, 74.5% of which in collective plans), with two hospitals totaling 104 beds (of which 20 are ICU beds), one clinic in São José dos Campos, and one ambulatory care unit with walk-in emergency service in Jacareí.

    In September, we announced the acquisition of Promed Assistência Médica Ltda., Promed Brasil Assistência Médica Ltda., Saúde – Sistema Assistencial Unificado de Empresas Ltda., Centro Médico Progroup Ltda., Med Clínicas Serviços Médicos Ltda., Hospital Progroup Ltda, and 96.5% of the total capital of Hospital Vera Cruz S.A. Promed Group operations are concentrated in the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais, being the second largest player in the region, with about 11% of market share. In the same day, the Company signed a long-term lease agreement for the Materno Infantil Sinhá Junqueira Hospital, in Ribeirão Preto/SP. The children’s hospital, traditional in the region and with more than 40 years of existence, has a strong physical and management structure and is a reference in pediatrics and obstetrics, with national and international recognition. We also signed a memorandum of understanding for a voluntary transfer of the entire portfolio of Samedh. Samedh has a portfolio of approximately 18 thousand beneficiaries of health plans concentrated in the region of Goiânia, with the portfolio mainly of group plans.

    In September 9, the company has entered into a partnership with Roche to consolidate its laboratory diagnostic activities in a central unit (Operational Technical Center, or NTO in Portuguese). Under the agreement, which brings together complementary capabilities from each company, Roche will build the first such facility outside Europe, which, after being implemented, will replace the current 18 regional Hapvida’s NTOs. In September 18, we announced the acquisition of Plamheg, which has a portfolio of around 18,000 beneficiaries of health plans concentrated in the region of Anápolis and Goianésia and the Hospital Nossa Senhora Aparecida, located in Anápolis (GO), in the Midwest region of the country, currently has 53 hospital beds. In September 28, we announce the acquisition of 100% of the shares of the following entities: Filosanitas Saúde Ltda. (Filosanitas), Casa de Saúde e Maternidade Santa Filomena S.A. (Santa Filomena Hospital), Centro Médico Santa Filomena Ltda. and Centro de Diagnóstico por Imagem Santa Filomena Ltda. (Santa Filomena Group and Transaction, respectively). Santa Filomena Group is composed of the health operator Filosanitas, Santa Filomena Hospital, three primary care clinics and a diagnostic imaging center, all located in the city of Rio Claro, state of São Paulo, southeast region of Brazil. Filosanitas has a portfolio of around 5,500 health plan beneficiaries concentrated in the Rio Claro region, whose portfolio is mostly comprised of group plans (74%) and a medical loss ratio of around 80% (2019). The Santa Filomena Hospital, traditional in the region and founded in 1937, currently has 73 hospital beds, 16 of which are ICU beds.

    In november, we announced the acquisition of the health plan operator Premium Saúde S.A. Premium Saúde has a portfolio of approximately 125 thousand health plan beneficiaries located mainly in the metropolitan regions of Belo Horizonte/MG (65 thousand lives), Brasília/DF (13 thousand lives), Montes Claros/MG (9 thousand lives ) and in the Triângulo Mineiro region (5,000 lives) which are currently served by an accredited network. In the metropolitan region of Belo Horizonte/MG, it has about 3% market share. Approximately 93% of beneficiaries are on collective plans (average ticket of R$ 130) and the rest on individual plans (average ticket of R$ 200).

  • 2021

    In January, we released a Material Fact on the non-binding proposal regarding the business combination with Notre Dame Intermédia (GNDI).

    At the end of February, we entered into an Association Agreement and Other Covenants, through which the terms and conditions for implementing the business combination of Hapvida and GNDI were established.

    In March, this operation was approved at a meeting by the shareholders of both companies.

    In April, we successfully concluded the 2nd subsequent share offering (follow on) in a global amount of R$2.7 billion.

    In June, we received confirmation that the proposed business combination with GNDI was approved by ANS. On 06/16/2021, we submitted the process for analysis by CADE.

    In early July, we announced two acquisitions. HB Saúde Group, a healthcare operator with 128,000 beneficiaries located mainly in the municipalities of São José do Rio Preto and Mirassol, in São Paulo, and Hospital Cetro located in Alagoinhas (BA), Northeast region of the country, which currently has 12 active beds and capacity for up to 16 beds, in addition to 10 doctors' offices, 2 emergency rooms and 2 operating rooms.

    In September, following our strategic vision of expansion and national consolidation, we announced the acquisition of Hospital Madrecor, located in Uberlândia, with 115 operational beds, including 20 ICU beds. At the end of the same month, we made a new proposal and emerged victorious in the acquisition of HB Saúde Group.

    In early October, in order to meet the financial commitments arising from acquisitions and investments (including real estate) already disclosed and to be disclosed, we announced two more funding in the capital market. The 2nd issue of the Company's Debentures and a CRI (Certificate of Real Estate Receivables). We also announced the acquisition of Hospital Viventi in Brasília (DF), inaugurating our first proprietary structure in the Midwest and approved the Company's share buyback program. With a duration of 18 months and with a limit of 100 million shares to be acquired, the program aims to maximize the generation of value for shareholders.

    In November, we concluded the 2nd issue of debentures in the amount of R$2.5 billion and announced to the market the acquisition of Hospital and Maternity Octaviano Neves, the structure has 7.9 thousand square meters of built area, 156 operational beds including 45 ICU beds, 30 of which are neonatal ICU beds. and 15 from adult ICU.

    At the end of December, we concluded the settlement of the Real Estate Receivables Certificates totaling R$1.0 billion.

  • 2022

    On 01/04/22, an official certificate was issued confirming the decision of the General Superintendence of CADE that approved the Operation of the business combination with GNDI without restrictions. On 02/11/2022, the merger with GNDI was closed, as of that date, only Hapv3 shares are being traded on B3.

    On 02/11/2022, we completed the business combination with GNDI, so from that date onwards only the HAPV3 ticker remained active. On the same date, we announced the acquisition of Smile Group, which operates through a health plan operator with around 80 thousand beneficiaries located mainly in Maceió/AL, João Pessoa/PB, Campina Grande/PB and Brasília /DF. The Smile Group also has its own hospital in João Pessoa/PB with 39 beds, including 14 ICU beds, in addition to a primare care clinic based in the same city.

    In April, we carried out the Restricted Offering of the 3rd issue of Debentures in the total amount of R$ 2,000,000,000.00. The net proceeds to be raised will be used to capital increase of Notre Dame Intermédica Participações SA (NDI) for the purposes of prepayment of certain debts already contracted by NDI and its subsidiaries, as well as may be used for merger and acquisitions operations and for strengthen of the Company’s cash.

    In October, we announced the acquisition of Sistemas e Planos de Saúde Ltda. It is a health plan operator with approximately 77 thousand beneficiaries located mainly in the city of São Paulo/SP (approximately 65 thousand lives) and in other cities in the metropolitan region of Greater São Paulo (Osasco, Guarulhos, Embu and Cotia). In the same month, we also announced the issuance of the Real Estate Receivables Certificates, with an additional fiduciary guarantee, for the 7th issue of BCBF Participações S.A. (Emissions), an indirect subsidiary of the Company.

    At the end of December, we concluded the settlement of the Real Estate Receivables Certificates totaling R$1.0 billion.

  • 2023

    The Company started the year with the closing of the operation of HB Saúde.

    On February 24, we announced via Notice to the Market the restricted offer of the 4th Issue of Debentures in the amount of R$750,000,000.00, which was concluded on March 8, 2023.

    In April, we successfully concluded the 3rd fsubsequent share offering (follow on) in a global amount of R$1.1 billion, with an anchoring of R$360 million from the reference shareholder (the Pinheiro family).

    In May, we sold São Francisco Resgate to ELO Conservação e Manutenção de Infraestrutura. By the agreed terms, the enterprise value of the Transaction is R$150.0 million, subject to price adjustment mechanisms common in similar transactions.

    In October, we sold Maida Health Participações Societárias S.A. (Maida Health and Transaction, respectively), an indirect subsidiary of the Company, to MV Sistemas SP Ltda. This Transaction concludes the process of disposing of the Company's non-core businesses. Maida Health offers technological management solutions for operators and healthcare plans (self-management) and other back office services. This Transaction completes the process of divesting the Company's non-core businesses. By the agreed terms, the enterprise value of the Transaction is R$26.6 million, subject to price adjustment mechanisms common in similar transactions, as well as potential additional annual installments (earn-out) to be priced over the next 5 years.

    On December 27th, we concluded the issuance of the restricted offer of the 5th Debenture Issue in the amount of R$1,000,000,000.00.

  • 2024

    On May 10th, we concluded the issuance of the restricted offer of the 7th Debenture Issue in the amount of R$1,000,000,000.00.

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