(ESG) Environmental, Social and Governance. The financial market has used these acronyms to talk about the sustainability of companies.

With each passing day, the need for economic growth to be linked to governance, diversity, social and environmental responsibility becomes more evident, in order to generate value and bring more competitiveness to the company and, above all, positive impacts for the society in which it is located. inserted.

As part of its commitment to society, Hapvida supports projects that generate value and contribute to people’s development, seeking to promote quality of life in the communities where it operates. Thus, the Company invests in programs and actions aimed at physical activity, environmental conservation and education. These investments are made both with its own resources and through tax incentive mechanisms in force in the country (for more information, see the Annual Sustainability Reports at the link below).

In line with good sustainability practices and guided by respect for environmental legislation, human rights, ethical and transparent conduct in business, Hapvida aims to reduce the environmental impacts of its activities through the management of solid waste generated that meets all legal requirements collection, transport and final destination, in addition to the purchase of clean energy and the measurement of water and energy consumption. The Company shares with its employees the importance of conscientious consumption.


Sustainability Vision 2030

Influence society and the environment by expanding access to quality healthcare services through technology and innovation.


Sustainability Report

With the objective of making the company increasingly transparent to all audiences, Hapvida publishes its 4th Annual Sustainability Report, which has the base year 2022. Prepared under the guidelines of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), which is the The first and most widespread methodology for producing reports in the world, the document provides information on the company’s governance, social investments and environmental care, in addition to financial performance.

Click here to access the Sustainability Report 2019 (Hapvida).

Click here to access the Sustainability Report 2020 (Hapvida).

Click here to access the Sustainability Report 2021 (Hapvida).

Click here to access the Sustainability Report 2022 (Hapvida).

Check our 2021 GRI Indicators Independent Verification Statement (Bureau Veritas)


Click here to access the Sustainability Report 2021 (GNDI).


Diversity and Inclusion

Our perspective on Diversity is to build an inclusive and intelligent culture, through affirmative actions that are aligned with the UN’s 2030 agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

At Hapvida, we always promote a safe and prejudice-free work environment through initiatives that encourage the practice of diversity in all its breadth and plurality. After all, our flag is respect!

Check out our Diversity and Inclusion booklet*.


GNDI Sustainability 

To learn more about actions and how GNDI is tracing the ESG journey, click here*.



Our Public Commitments


(*) Information available in Portuguese only


If you want to contact the area, please send an email to: sustentabilidade@hapvida.com.br

Last updated at June 20, 2024.